Kids Carpentry Seattle

I was super happy to shoot promotional shots of Kids Carpentry Seattle's website (they're not up yet). Owner Loren Kite's a fantastic guy, and his company is pure gold. A carpentry class for 8-10 year olds - I sure wish that was something that existed when I was a kid.

It's safety first all the way as the kids cut wood with hand miter saws, hand-cranked drills, and old c-clamps. They were making everything from sailboats to pachinko machines. And they were all adorable.

My Best Friend's Wedding

My oldest friend, Elliot, got married this weekend. It was a blast, and I took a lot of photos. Instead of hiring a photographer, they brilliantly asked everyone to take photos, tag them with particular tags to make them easy to find, and then offered a cash prize to the winner. Here are some of mine: